The 10 Best Computer Science Universities in the UK

Computer science is one of the most in-demand areas of study right now. Here’s a rundown of some of the top Computer Science Universities in the UK.

The 10 Best Universities for Computer Science in the UK

  1. The University of Oxford
  2. Imperial College London
  3. The University of Cambridge
  4. University College London
  5. Durham University
  6. The University of Warwick
  7. University of Birmingham
  8. University of Surrey
  9. Lancaster University
  10. University of Manchester

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The University of Oxford

Starting a business is no easy task. It requires hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. The University of Oxford may have an option that fits your schedule better than a traditional brick-and-mortar program: online study. Explore both online and on-campus classes for science majors at universities around the world.

Imperial College London

For many people, studying in a place that is conducive to learning and enjoying themselves is ideal. It makes little sense for anyone, who wants to study computer science, to go to university in the UK without considering Imperial College London. In terms of size, courses offered, and tuition rate, it is hard to find a better option.

The University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is a world-renowned research university with over 18,000 students. To study computer science at this institution, students must have straight A’s or 94% in their Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

University College London

Finding a university college that is accredited to study computer science might seem like an intimidating task; however, there are many accredited schools that provide quality education in the area. One option for those who want to focus on this specific niche is University College London (UCL).

Durham University

Durham University’s computer science program is one of the best in the UK. When choosing a university to study computer science, you want to choose one with good employment prospects and an excellent reputation. Durham may be your first choice.

The University of Warwick

The University of Warwick offers multiple online courses for students interested in pursuing careers in computer science.

The University of Warwick offers multiple online courses for students who want to pursue a career in computer science.

The University of Warwick offers multiple online courses for students who are interested in pursuing a career in computer science.

University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham, also known as Birmingham or B’ham has changed since I was a student in the early 80s. Today computer science (CS) is one of their top departments, and they have achieved a lot this century with many new buildings and improvements to the school. Their Department of Computer Science is ranked 1st among UK universities and 10th in the world. Ranked 1st for its Information Technology department in 2013, according to The Guardian university guide. To study computer science at Birmingham.

University of Surrey

To gain more specific knowledge, you can study computer science at one of the 10 best universities in the UK. Learning this type of specialist skill will make it easier to be hired as a job candidate by businesses that deal with technology. For example, you can study computer science at the University of Surrey.

Lancaster University

It is important to pick a university that is right for you and your education. Computer science majors can choose from many universities, but it always comes down to finding the best place for you. For example, London has several options, such as Lancaster University and The University of Surrey.

University of Manchester

If you are interested in computer science, there are many great universities that offer this program. The University of Manchester is ranked #30 globally by QS World University Rankings in 2018, and its Computer Science department was placed under 74th place in the world and #3 in the UK by CareersInCSUK.

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